Moderated jaws touch cursor becoming a necesity?

Josh Kennedy



I am trying to use an old program from back in 1996 on windowws11. It works just fine but I have a question. Back in the days of windows95 and through Windows XP, I could use the jaws cursor to click unlabeled graphics. These days to achieve the same thing in windows11, the jaws cursor just reads some of the text in the window in the latest windows11.So to get jaws to do what it did in windows95 through XP, oh this goes for NVDA also, the review cursor just reads mostly window text, object navigation does much more… Anyway back to jaws, now I need to use the touch cursor in order to read and click what now show up as buttons in the application window.

I think due to the necessity of the Jaws touch cursor being used more and more, that it should be enhanced. We should be able to have the mouse follow touch cursor and let us click the mouse at the touch cursor position including left clicks, right clicks, click and drag, etcetera. Also since I can do basic scripting but am not advanced enough to do the new UIA scripting, I would like the ability to rename, reclassify, and customize any object found at the touch cursor position, have it saved on an app by app basis, or global basis if I wish, ability to share with other jaws users, I could be wrong but I don’t think the jaws window class reassign dialog works with the touch cursor. Right now to label those unlabeled buttons I would have to do advanced scripting which I don’t know how to do. Because in windows11 what was once “graphic 294” now just shows up as a button UIA object with the touch cursor. Either that or let us force the use of the jaws scan cursor in certain applications but I’m not sure if that would be as effective as the touch cursor.