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JM Casey

It's a good question though.
Maybe after a few basic things however and not right off at the very beginning.

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Totally agree! After I lost my vision, I signed up for a JAWS class at the local Lighthouse for the blind, the instructor was sighted and his method of instruction was to ask, "What do you want to learn?" I never went back to that class and learned JAWS on my own, it was hard without help and took me about a year before I felt even the slightest bit comfortable with it.



On 8/7/2022 1:56 PM, Angel wrote:
I am using Jaws 18, conjoined with windows 10. In view of this:
Where is the screen shade-Curtin, and how does one employ it. Eric
Damery, employed by Freedom Scientific, uses Jaws and the keyboard
exclusively, and is fully sighted. I read, once, he did so, because
his dear father was totally blind, and had familiarized him with
blindness alternative technics. When I was learning the Braille code
over 65 years ago: Our fully sighted teachers read Braille exclusively using their fingers.
They learned the code in order to instruct blinded world war II
veterans. The thery, then, was, to best instruct us blind, and
physically challenged users of a particular skill one ought to be
proficient in the use of that skill using the same technics used by
those using the skills every day. In 98, when I got my first
computer, my instructor was totally blind. I don’t know whether I
would trust a sight dependent person to teach me anything, truly.
Because I would doubt he had the confidence in his own ability to
properly instruct and to empathize with me, were he forced to depend
on his sight to teach a skill I would be using independent of the sense of sight.

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