Moderated So Many Cursors, So Little Time, Understanding Cursors in JAWS

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To those of you who expressed frustration and/or confusion about the cursors that come with JAWS, here is a link to a free webinar from the training folks at Freedom Scientific. Here is the link to the relevant page.


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Thanks a bunch!  They even include several that I never, ever think about (e.g. the scan cursor and invisible cursor).

I tend to think of the virtual buffer (correct term, thanks Mr. White) and that the various virtual cursors are specific access methods to it.  I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong about that for several of the cursors I'd never heard of.  They could be working with separate buffers of their own for all I know.

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the invisible cursor is basically the mouse pointer, the difference being that it will not actually move the mouse pointer while you're interacting with the screen, it is mostly used to explore a window or screen to get an idea of the current layout.