Moderated Help with Bluestacks App Player Emulator for PC Running iOS Apps

Ed Culpepper

Greetings –

My church has begun using Church Center for registration for classes and events, monitoring small group attendance, etc. Individuals can access the church’s Church Center site with either an Apple or Android app. I prefer to enter information from my Windows 10 PC. Church Center says that their apps can be used on a PC – if the computer user downloads and installs an app emulator. Their recommended program is called Bluestacks. I attempted to download Bluestacks via a link on the  Church Center website. My downloads folder shows that the Bluestacks installer is there, but I have not been able to install the software successfully. When I click on the download title or the “Open” button it appears to cause Jaws to become comatose. Initially I get no speech from Jaws regarding whatever is currently running, nor can I Alt-tab and get Jaws to speak about anything. Eventually Jaws will resume speaking, but only the title “Bluestacks Installer” will read and not any links or buttons to complete the installation. I have tried rerouting the cursor from Jaws to PC and back with no success. I am not skilled using other pointers such as touch screen. I am stumped!


Has anyone succeeded in using the Church Center app on a Windows 10 PC? Have you successfully downloaded and installed the Bluestacks app player emulator? If so, can you provide step-by-step instructions for the installation that has eluded me?


I will be glad to take this matter into private messaging rather than the JFW list if you prefer.


Many thanks for any help anyone can provide –

Ed Culpepper



J Edward Culpepper, PhD

Huntsville, Alabama