Moderated FW: Issue With Getting The FS Cast to Play.

Eileen Scrivani

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Subject: Issue With Getting The FS Cast to Play.


Hello All,


I updated my Jaws a few days ago and as usual, this morning when I turned on the computer I got the dialog from Jaws that the FS Cast for June was available to listen to. As always I clicked on the listen now option and it began playing in Windows Media Player. I am using the most recent version of Jaws on a Windows 11 desktop that I got last December.


The problem is and has been for months on this new computer that mid-way through the playing it just bombs out. The only message that is shown says something like, “Windows Media Player has encounter a problem with the file.” I did call FS tech support this afternoon and they recommended going to the Freedom Scientific web site and trying to play the FS Cast in my browser’s pod cast player. I have yet to give this a try only because its time consuming and I haven’t had time today to spend another half hour fiddling around trying to get it to play through to the end. Has anyone else encountered this problem and any thoughts on if just playing in the browser’s podcast player will be the fix? I know on my old Windows 10 computer I always could listen to the entire thing using Media Player. Not sure what the problem is now that could cause this.


Thanks for any input on this.