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Ken Chernack

I just got a reply to an email to some friends that the person replying put 3 emojis as the content.


I believe them to be ‘smiles’, but let me not assume he liked the humor and that it could be 3 frowns.


Most often I hear a description of the emoji, but this time I did not.

JAWS only told me ‘emoji graphic’.


Other than asking my sighted wife to described them,

is there a ‘high tech’ way to know which emoji had been used?


Thanks… onward,

Go Celtics!








I am not certain what JAWS uses to give a description of an emoji, but what you're getting is most likely because that particular emoji does not have an entry in whatever mapping they're using for descriptions.

The only thing I can recommend is using a site such as, where you can paste in the actual emoji and do a search on it for its meaning (sometimes meanings), and sometimes these have absolutely nothing to do with the actual emoji itself (e.g., the eggplant/aubergine 🍆 and peach 🍑 emojis).

New emojis do get added to the existing database, and if JAWS uses its own internal database of descriptions derived from the "official database" anything newer than the last iteration of the database won't show up until they refresh their own internal database.

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