moderated A Bug with Page Navigation in Acrobat Reader While Using JAWS

Curtis Chong

Greetings and salutations:


A while back, there was a discussion about using the 64-bit version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader and the inability of a screen reader user to jump to a specific page in an open PDF document using the CTRL+SHIFT+N command. This has been determined by the folks at Adobe to be an actual bug with the 64-bit version of Acrobat Reader. Further, I am told by a reliable source that the fix for this problem is not likely to be implemented until June of this year.


Because I frequently need to navigate to specific pages within a PDF document, I have chosen to install the older 32-bit version of the Acrobat Reader software. My testing has confirmed that, indeed, with this version running, we are (once again) able to navigate to specific pages within an open PDF document.


So, how does a person get the older 32-bit version? This was somewhat difficult for me to find inasmuch as it does not seem to readily apparent on the normal default Acrobat Reader download page found at Instead, you should point your browser to Here, you will find a number of combo boxes that need to be set. There is, fortunately, a combo version to select the desired version of Acrobat Reader that you want. Be sure not to select the 64-bit version. This will result in an installation of Acrobat Reader which enables proper page navigation within a PDF document even while JAWS is running.


I trust you all will find this information useful.




Curtis Chong