moderated Question on how too adjust the font size in both word office 365, and outlook.

Albert Cutolo

Good afternoon everyone, 


I’m writing too ask the following question.  I have some friends of mine, that have requested that I adjust my prints fonts size too a larger one too make it easier for them too be able too read any email messages that I send them.  What I’d like too know  will I need too adjust this option in office word 365 and also in office outlook as well?  If so, could someone please provide with step by step instructions on how I can do this in either both word, and outlook? 


Thanks for any and all help. 






Before we go any further, are you asking about changing your default font size to a larger one permanently and for all documents (or messages) you create, or just changing the font size for certain messages either just before (easier) or just after (still not hard) you've composed them for specific recipients.

If it's a permanent change in Word you're looking for, this was just discussed on the JFW-Users Group in topic, setting David as the default font in word 365, specifically see message .

For a permanent change in Outlook, see the Microsoft Support Page, Change or set the default font in Outlook.

Since changing font size is part and parcel of changing font, and is the same no matter where you're doing the changing . . .

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