moderated Netiquette Lesson - Always create a new topic that describes what's in it accurately


On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 04:56 PM, Chris wrote:
Maybe brian and co, should lead by example, rather than moaning about it
So, if you'd rather we "moan about" a legitimate problem in a separate topic, here you are.  You're being a horse's derriere.

25 Forum Posting Etiquette Tips

Note, particularly, number 3.

The article above was originally posted all the way back in 2007, which is eons ago in the computer age.  It has withstood the test of time, with the exception of recommending against using HTML formatted messages, as these have become a de facto standard since. 

One addition to that list should be:  Please, when you send a message asking for assistance and find the answer yourself prior to someone else having managed to do so, don’t post something like, “It’s OK, I fixed it.”  It's rude to leave the readership hanging  once you've determined a solution. If you were looking for how to fix it, later searchers will also be looking for that answer.  Since you know how, add the, “and here’s how,” part afterward.  Many will bless you, even though you don’t know they do.


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