moderated Eyes-Free Audio Tutorials for Band-in-a-Box Music Creators

Gudrun Brunot

We are proud to offer an audio-only, “eyes-free” set of tutorials for learning some of the intricacies of the Band-in-a-Box software.  It is intended to benefit users who prefer the keystroke rather than the mouse-click approach.

In this bundle, we take you through 7 key functions for music creation.  These are chord entry, creating that first song, inserting and deleting bars, and four distinctly different methods for copying bars.  Our presentations are relaxed and informative with illustrative examples of operating Band-in-a-Box.  We have included exercise song files so that you can follow along and work through the processes with the tutorial examples.

(10) mp3 audio tutorials totaling 82 minutes in duration

(8) Exercise Song files for you to use on your own machine

(3) Word document files, the largest is 17 pages of Function to Hotkey reference

We have set the price for this first bundle at $25 to make our product readily affordable.  They can be purchased using PayPal.  As soon as we receive your order, we will send a link to you ready for immediate download of the 120 megabyte zip file.

Just respond here in email. eyesfreebiab@...

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