moderated Does anyone know about JAWS and a program called Ear Master Pro?

Jim Portillo



Since this is a list for JAWS users, I thought I’d ask the following.

Has anyone heard of a program called Ear Master Pro? It is a music program that has to do with music theory training. There are various classes, exercises, and workshops within the program that one can do. I downloaded the free version to see how well it would work with JAWS.

I first tried it using my computer with JAWS, and it did not work at all. This was using the latest JAWS version with Windows 10. My guess is that it is super graphic oriented, which surprises me, since so many of the things it does are related to listening.

I then tried it on my iPad and iPhone using VoiceOver, and I got much farther into it and playing demos, but when it was time to do the lessons or exercises, nothing would happen. It would just go back to the home screen.

The program and app doesn’t seem to like screen reading software, like JAWS or even Narrator. However, before jumping the gun and complaining to the makers of the software, I thought I’d ask if anyone on the list has used it and if it has worked for you. I do know that visually, there is a lot on the screen, including menus and other things. So, it’s just JAWS that doesn’t read a single thing, except for the title of the program.

Thanks much.