moderated Update to Starbucks issue from about 6 weeks ago

Ken Chernack

Good day.

Here’s a brief update to my problem of trying to join a Starbucks promotion on my PC using Office365, Outlook and latest Jaws version. If you remember the ‘Join’ button became inaccessible to Jaws.


First, the problem has disappeared, with no acknowledgement from Starbucks that they changed the verbiage in their promotion emails from having a Join button to a sentence saying click on the following link to register for the promotion.


Who knows if my emails caused the change, but the good news is that it seems to be fixed.


Second, and I am now on my soap box…

Solving a technical problem via a general call desk is not a great business model.

Did you hear that message Sparrow/Freedom Scientific employees?

Please , do not take away your human technical support from us. It is excellent that you have other menu

Options in your telephone menu system for Sales, Billing and other support!


I had to tell my story to the Starbucks rep who sent an email to their tech support and then many days later I would receive a reply that most often did not address my issue. Ugh!


Do you feel my pain!


Thanks for listening… case closed!

onward to my next order of gruyere cheese with beacon Egg Bites and an iced caramel macchiato upside down for breakfast!



A happier SBUX stockholder