moderated Excel Slowing Down When Editing Formulas

Randy Meyer

I am using latest version of Jaws 2021, latest Office 365 downloaded onto my computer, and Windows 10.  After I enter a few formulas, Jaws slows down to a glacial speaking pace when editing any formulas.  When arrowing left and right in a formula, Jaws will take at least a second before reading the next character.  If I hit the arrow key repeatedly, Jaws takes a longtime to catch up.  The same behavior happens if I use control arrow in the formula.


It makes editing Excel formulas with Jaws impossible.  The problem goes away if I switch to Narrator, but Narrator is verbose, and I don’t want to learn how to use it in place of Jaws.


This behavior is happening on my main desktop computer, and has been for over a year.  It does not happen when performing the same tasks within Excel on my ElBraille.  I reviewed all Excel setting options on both machines, and set them all the same, to make sure there wasn’t an Excel setting causing the issue.


Any suggestions on how I can fix this long standing issue?


Randy Meyer

Mark Fisher

Hi Randy

I'm with you there. The only thing I do is shut JAWS down and restart. I suspect its a memory issue. Haven't tried Narrator I must admit and I agree, its very frustrating. I'm sure Freedom Scientific must be aware of this issue. 
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation