moderated Help With OpenText and JAWS - SmartView and ClassicView and Brava

Mark Fisher

Hi Everyone - Happy Hump Day

Does anyone have experience in using JAWS with OpenText document management system? Whilst the Enterprise Connect component is reasonably accessible, the way we've done some aspects of SmarView means I can't get to certain float over menus to activate a number of options which are not available in the Enteprise Connect portion. I also find these issues in the Classic View portion.

Also, wen reading documents with Brava within the OpenText framework, spaces between words are spoken as "Graphic" by JAWS.

I'm running the latest version of JAWS

I'd love to here from anyone else about any tips and tricks they have used including whether they had to get custom scripts written. I am also reaching out to OpenText.
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation