moderated Correction On JAWS Not Speaking Zoom Joins and Leaves

Steve Matzura

Turns out, my reported problem the other day of not hearing JAWS speak Zoom meeting joins and leaves was incomplete. I also don't hear host and cohost messages, like people entering and leaving the Waiting Room. However, if I am not focused in the Zoom Meeting window, I do hear all of these things. This only happens in JAWS 2021. I am using the Vispero-provided script, and it used to work up until I think the last JAWS update, 2021-0712. If I could troubleshoot or debug this any further for someone to help me solve it, I'd glad to do that, just tell me what to check. Alerts are turned on with Alt+Windows Key+S, and when the events occur which are supposed to trigger those messages, pressing Alt+A reads them correctly as having been displayed. In Help > Accessibility, everything is turned on (checked), and I'm on the latest version of Zoom, 5.7.4804.