locked Win10 Forum is now WinAccess forum (permission granted from owner, respond privately please)


Hello all,

The following message received owner’s permission (please talk to me privately if you have questions or comments):
In 2015, a forum was set up to discuss then newly released Windows 10 with various screen readers, including JAWS. The Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users, commonly called the Win10 forum, served as a venue for discussing Windows development and releases with screen readers, Windows Insider Program through a dedicated subgroup, and to serve as a specialized support forum for using screen readers with Windows 10 ecosystem devices and apps such as Windows 10 mobile (no longer supported), universal apps, and other topics.

Then on June 24, 2021, Microsoft announced Windows 11, promising user interface tweaks and improved security. Since the first Widows 11 Insider Preview was released the following week, screen reader users have been testing Windows 11, including reporting feedback to Microsoft. This also translated to Win10 Forum accepting Windows 11 topics, which led to a discussion about renaming the forum, culminating in a poll last week that asked which name the forum should be called from now on.

Based on poll results, Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users was renamed to Windows Access with Screen Readers, or WinAccess for short. Just like Win10 forum era, WinAccess forum serves as a venue for users and developers of diverse screen readers to discuss modern Windows ecosystem and apps from screen reading technology perspective, now expanded to cover Windows 11 and future releases. The dedicated subgroup for Windows Insiders is also present, and Widows 10/11 cumulative update announcements will be a regular feature of the newly renamed forum.

Forum address: https://winaccess.groups.io/g/winaccess

Subscription address: winaccess+subscribe@winaccess.groups.io

Note: if you are already a member of the former Win10 Forum, you don’t have to subscribe again – membership continues as all that was done was renaming the forum itself with membership and messages intact.

Again if you have any questions or comments about WinAccess forum, please talk to me privately (not here). Thanks.