moderated Question about people's experiences with Jaws 2021 May release!!

Shan Noyes

Hi all!


Well before anyone says well call the tech support or write Vispero I will say that I’ve done both and it didn’t answer my questions.


I’ve experienced a issue with the May release of Jaws 2021, with some scripts I’ve written for a web interface over 7 years ago.  These scripts worked fine up until I applied the May release of Jaws 2021.  I contacted Vispero and the responses were that the problem was with my scripts.


The scripts work fine in Jaws pre 2021,  I have another computer which has not had the May release applied and they work fine there.



I asked on the Jaws scripting list and folks have also found that scripts in html have stopped working.


So has any of you out there experienced this issue.


Here is one of the scripts


; script: lastname

; Finds the last name name and read it

;  Key command: grave then l

Script SayLastName ()

invisibleCursor ()

FindString (GetFocus(), "Last Name:", S_Top, S_Unrestricted)



SayString("Last Name "+GetWord())

SpeechOff ()

PerformScript PcCursor ()

SpeechOn ()




The problem is the FindString command jumps down the page to find the text however, it is inconsistent in where it puts you on the line. So the NextWord commands do not jump you to the correct place.  As well as this command provides inconsistent results.


Something that never happened in the previous 7 years of its use.


Looking forward to your thoughts.






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