moderated IE Mode in MS-Edge for sites that only work with IE


What follows is not JAWS related, but given the amount of concern I'm seeing expressed about the demise of IE11 next June I consider the following to be a public service announcement.

I was concerned for users of Windows 10 Home because all of the official documentation I could find regarding IE Mode for Edge indicated it had to be enabled via Group Policy Editor, which Windows 10 Home doesn't have, and on a site by site basis.

It appears that for Windows 10 Home users (and I haven't checked on my Pro machine yet) there is an option in MS-Edge settings to allow you to turn on IE Mode in Edge.  Another tech I know posted the following, and it checks out:

If they load "edge://settings/defaultBrowser" that's bring them to the IE mode config page. On mine it's got IE mode enabled by default on pages that require it but had to toggle reload webpage on if it needs IE to on.

I had the exact same default configuration under Windows 10, Version 21H1, in Edge.  It appears to make sense to throw that toggle related to allowing reloading on if you do routinely need to access a site, or several sites, that are now IE-bound and are likely to remain so.  And I'd advise you to do it and try it out, now, as it may end up putting your minds at ease.

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H1, Build 19043  

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