moderated Going to a specific audio position in Audacity


Hello fellow listers,

Recently, I started editing audio on Audacity from scratch, and even though I had no previous experience using any audio-editing software, I have been able to edit a quite simple and decent piece of promo audio recording for my WhatsApp  group. However, I’ve been trying to figure out how to go to a specific position in the track. I want to be able to go to a specific point in the timeline of the track. Maybe if I explain why I want to do this, someone may give me a hint to put me on the right track on this.

Let’s say I’m editing a selection of the track which starting point is the minute 20 of the track, and the ending  is the minute 21. After I have applied the changes that I want for that specific selection, how I retake the playback exactly after  the mark of the ending point?  In other words, how  I re take the playback in the minute 22 of the track?


I’m using Jaws 2021 and the scripts for audacity, but if it is a way to do it without going through the script functionality, it will be very useful as well.




     Leo Bado.


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