moderated snap shot on web site

kevin meyers


I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Jaws2021 and Google. Is there a way to take a snap shot of a screen on a web site?






WinKey+PrtSc takes a snapshot of your entire screen (so make sure the web browser is maximized if you want only that - and it will include the tabs open in a given browser window across the top so if you really want only that website, open it in its own browser window before taking the snapshot).

You will find the resulting screen shot in your Pictures library, Screenshots folder, with a name of the format Screenshot(Number).png.  The numbers start with one, and keep incrementing as you take screen shots.  If you delete all the existing screenshots, the numbering will begin with one again.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 20H2, Build 19042  

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