moderated Problem with Forgot my password with Gmail

David Kingsbury

Hi all,


I am trying to help a person I am training create a new Gmail password, but when he tries to log in, and uses the forgot my password button, he is asked to put in the last password he remembered. If he doesn’t remember anything, he gets totally stuck. This is an idiotic Catch 22. And the only way you can access a real human being  with Google is to log in first. Any ideas on how to get around this?







If he has no idea of any password he ever had then you need to give up, in all likelihood.  They'll accept virtually any password ever associated with the account, or even very close guesses.

If this individual happens to be blind, visually impaired, or has another disability, you could consider using: Google Accessibility Get In Touch Page


Contact the Google Disability Support Team


Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 20H2, Build 19042  

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