moderated How Can I Copy a Link inside Zoom Chat with JAWS?

Rick Miller

Dear Listers:


Every Sunday during an online Zoom meeting with people from church, the host puts a list of questions for us to consider when in breakout rooms.  The questions are in Googledocs, and the link to the questions is always inside Zoom chat.  I don’t know if there is a way that this list of questions in Googledocs can be copied from within the chat list and then opened up afterwards.  Have any of you ever been faced with this problem, and what did you do about it?




Rick Miller


David Kingsbury



Try copying the virtual window text to your clipboard as follows:

1.      While in the meeting, press Alt H to get to Chat.

2.      Tab once to the list of Chats and press Insert Alt W to virtualize this window.

3.      Press Control A to select all the text and Control C to copy it.

4.      Open up a blank Word document and Press Control V to paste it in.