moderated hyper v, jaws

Marvin Hunkin

Hi. Wondering. Got a sighted friend  me via patrion. And now got hyper v. jaws just says input capture. How do I get it to read the content inside the guest os, which is windows server 2019. Need to do a practical lab. And now he had to uinstall vm ware workstation pro. My 30 day trial ran out. And when he tried oracle virtual box, he is a certified novel and ciscko network admin, it kept crhasing and powering off. So he installed and set up hyper v, as it comes with windows pro 10 2004 or 2009. Now I have got the latest October updates.

Now wondering do I need to have a remote connection to a remote computer. He set up the audio endopints etc. also a qualified programmer, sighted, and he is doing this via patrion. And he is remoting using either team viewer or google remote assistant.