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Adrian Spratt

I wonder if this happens in a particular application. It sounds familiar, but if so, it doesn't happen everywhere on my machine.

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Hi all, using Jaws 2020  on a W10 2004 desktop machine.

Here is my example, whether something can be done or not, If  I want to delete a .txt file, Jaws asks me if I want to  do this, which is just fine.  Annd now the really bothersome thing, Jaws goes right back to the thing I want to delete and says the title over again. Can I get it to just do the delete thing and move on? Then it goes on its merry way. Is there a setting somewhere I can not have it do this?

Or is it just my old age getting the best of me?


Morey Worthington

Morey Worthington

Hi all.

To answer Adrian's question, it only appears to happen in a Windows based program I tried to see if it happened in, example, Thunderbird, and all was well. It asked me if I wanted to delete, said yes, and it went right on along its way.

I then went into Jaws default settings andmade sure that the Advanced verbosity wasset at that and it was. Went to the misc. folder and put the number at 0 as recommended. I then closed down Jaws and restarted it it to make sure settings were changed. It appears to have gone away least for now. Thanks all.