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turab chimthanawala

Dear all,
Hope this message finds you well and safe.
Google chrome has been irritating me for the following two reasons:
1. I get automatically signed out from my Gmail Account each time I
close it. I never log out just simply type Alt + F4. Though I have
enabled the two authentication to log in to my account, I have check
the box stating ' do not show this on this computer'. This auto sign
out has suddenly started happening since the past 15 days.
2. In compose mail, JAWS does not seem to be recognise saved
addresses. I have to type the entire address. I don't experience the
same on my phone which implies that the addresses are saved.
Would be grateful to get insights on these.
Thanking you


As to issue 1:   Are you clearing cookies on exit from Chrome?  [And I don't care whether that's via an extension, an option in Chrome for doing so, or by running something that clears them such as CCleaner, BleachBit, or System Ninja].   Staying logged in, and not just to Gmail, is dependent on the retention of cookies between browser sessions.

As to issue 2:  Have you cleared any other browser data, besides cookies?   The memory of previously used addresses is a part of the broader browser history function, though at the moment I can't remember which specific data store (though it's not cookies).

Given that both behaviors hinge on things Chrome would typically keep stored, unless removed intentionally, I'm suspecting some sort of cleaning has been done.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 2004, Build 19041  

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turab chimthanawala

Hi Bryan,
Well, I did clean up browsing data. That could be the reason for issue to. But I don’t think that would result in issue one. As it has been more than a month since this cleaning exercise.