moderated JAWS Error Message "The FS default scripts were not found while loading scripts ... ." Happening at Start After Tweaking Scripts

Richard B. McDonald



I made a very minor tweak to the default JAWS 2020 script file.  After that tweak, I get an error message when JAWS starts.  The error message says something like “The Freedom Scientific default script file could not be found when loading scripts.  This may cause problems.  It is recommended that these default scripts be found.”


The tweak to the default script file I made was simply to add at the very end of it an assignment of my “PrintScreen” key to the “ApplicationsKey” (shift+f10).  I do not think there is an error in my script.  I have done  it in earlier versions of JAWS (e.g., 2019) without this problem.


So, why is this happening?  How can I fix it?