moderated Facebook queston

Justin Mcdevitt

Hello to all,


I access Facebook primarily with my Iphone. On some occasions I open Facebook Mobile using my PC.

Some minutes ago, I attempted to post a message to a Guide dog user group that I belong too. However, after Facebook mobil opened up and the opened the groups menu, I automatically landed on another group that I also belong to.

I did a search for the guide dog group and was prompted to join. Though already being a member of this group, this was irrelevant.

Is there a keyboard command to access other groups that are a part of my Facebook profile?


Best, Justin

David Diamond

The groups you belong to should show up under the groups menu.  Now, here is the trick, the last group you posted too will be the first one you see so to speak. I E, if you posted last to a kitchen group, it will be the first one in the line up.  Guide dog, could be right under the kitchen one or in the 6th position. Face Book only shows you the first 6 groups, under the 6th is the prompt for all of your face book groups. I’m musing if the group you were looking for was # 7 or lower.