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Justin Williams

I see a lot of info on having a zoom meeting, but is there anything on the zoom chat messenger?


What I mean is, some of the keystrokes that work in the meeting, don't work in the chat.


Also, I can't copy links or operate them while in the zoom chat room, and it doesn't seem as fluid as the meeting.







David Diamond

You can chat with zoom?  I thought it was just for meetings, not like skype. 

george b <gbmagoo@...>

Ou also can zoom fact time if both devices have zoom app. installed.


So, if you have a iPhone and another has a android and they both have zoom installed you can live talk  just like apples facetime


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You can chat with zoom?  I thought it was just for meetings, not like skype. 

David Diamond

Not to sound too stupid, however, does the other person you are calling need an ID # to answer or does it in fact act like making a face time call?  I’ve only used Zoom to join meetings and when someone was helping me with setting up zoom yesterday I had to type in an ID # to talk to him.  Sounds complicated I know.  I talked to him on my landline first and then he kept the landline opened and called me via zoom. However, I needed to keep Zoom opened as well, then had to punch in the ID #.  Thus if I had not been talking to him on the phone, I would had not known he was calling via Zoom as there was no alert.   


For those who want a great audio book about how to use the most commonly used features of Zoom both as an attendee and as a meeting organizer, please see Jonathan Mosen's webpage for same:  Free audiobook, “Meet Me Accessibly – A Guide to Zoom Cloud Meetings from a Blindness Perspective”

Review his overview about the book contents there and download a free copy.  There's nothing like going to the source, and no point in rehashing anything when the source material is available with a simple link activation.

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