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Enhancements in JAWS 2020.1912.11 (December 2019)
The following is a list of improvements made between the initial JAWS 2020 release and the December 2019 update.
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• Added Functionality to Fusion, or when running ZoomText and JAWS together, that was previously only available in MAGic. When performing a Say All ( INSERT+DOWN
ARROW ), JAWS begins reading from the current location of the Virtual Cursor or mouse pointer, whichever was last moved. For instance, if you are moving
around a web page or PDF document using the mouse pointer, you can point the mouse at the location where you want to start reading and press INSERT+DOWN
ARROW  to start the Say All. This works in Chrome, Internet Explorer, the new Microsoft Edge browser, Acrobat Reader DC, as well as the JAWS Results Viewer
and the JAWS and ZoomText help systems. It currently does not work in Firefox as you must first click at the location where you want to begin reading before
starting the Say All.
• Resolved an issue where table columns in some PDF documents were not being read correctly even when properly tagged in Adobe.
• Addressed an issue with tables in PDF documents where JAWS and Fusion were not reading the table summary.
• The JAWS keystrokes for displaying lists of elements on a web page, such as buttons ( INSERT+CTRL+B ), edit fields ( INSERT+CTRL+E ), regions ( INSERT+CTRL+R
), and so on, can now be found using the JAWS Commands Search ( INSERT+SPACEBAR , followed by J ).
• JAWS and Fusion now announces the current page when using CTRL+TAB  to cycle through multiple open tabs in Chrome.
• Added a new Quick Settings ( INSERT+V ) option called "Announce Count of Links, Headings, etc. when page loads," which is on by default. Turning this
setting off causes JAWS and Fusion not to announce the number of these elements when a web page loads.
• When using Navigation Quick Keys in a document in Google Docs ( INSERT+SPACEBAR , followed by Q ), addressed an issue where pressing H  or SHIFT+H  for
the next or prior heading was not speaking the text of the heading you just moved to.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS caused Outlook 365 to unexpectedly close after selecting the Sort item from the application context menu ( SHIFT+F10
 or the APPLICATIONS  key).
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not speaking the names of certain list boxes in Word.
• In retail versions of Word 2013 and 2016, resolved an issue with Comments, Footnotes, and Endnotes detection not indicating the number of items on the
current line as expected even when this option was set to "On plus count" in Quick Settings.
• For those who develop JAWS scripts to help improve accessibility for an application, the Script Manager utility ( INSERT+0  on the number row) has been
updated to offer more modern functionality similar to other popular code editors like Notepad++. This includes syntax highlighting, auto indent as you
type, displaying line numbers, continuous zoom, and more. For additional information including new hot keys, press F1  while focused in the Script Manager
to open its help.
• Both the JAWS and Invisible Scan Cursors now indicate headings and their level as you review text. For example, headings are regularly used in the Weather
• When attempting to access a drive encrypted using the Windows 10 BitLocker utility, resolved a customer reported issue where focus would not remain in
the Password edit field with JAWS and Fusion running, making it difficult to enter the password.
• A user reported problems using the JAWS Dictionary Manager to add new entries for controlling how the active synthesizer pronounces words, phrases, abbreviations,
or symbols. This has been resolved.
• Addressed reported issues with JAWS speech unexpectedly becoming muted after logging into Windows on some systems.
• In addition to English, FSReader is now installed for German, Spanish, French, French Canadian, and Dutch installations of JAWS and Fusion.
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