Is there added security with a logon requirement?



        Provided you do not have any accounts on your machine that do not require a password to log in, a password certainly provides an added layer of security as far as someone simply picking up your computer and being able to use it if it were left somewhere.  

        When it comes down to it, protection of actual physical access to your computer (or smartphone, or other device) is your absolute best line of defense against unauthorized use.

         All security measures deal with making it more difficult for the unauthorized to gain access to your information if they have somehow gained access to your hardware (whether physically or remotely).  There has yet to be a security protocol invented that cannot be broken into by someone.

         User account control is more focused on what a user authorized to use the computer can and cannot do as far as tweaking the system itself.


Peter Tesar


Further to the discussion on having a logon prompt.

Is there any added security if a logon password is required? If you logon to a user account, will it reduce the potential damage from a virus?

I had heard of this some years ago. Microsoft gave us the User Account /control to restrict access to some critical functions. I don't know if it adds to security or just gives us a false sense of security.

As a reminder of the threats out there,  I just got an eMail with the subject:
   warning you have exceeded your eMail limit, web mail account administrator
It probably wants me to open it and click on something. I don't use the cloud for anything.

We have to be ever vigilent.
Should I return to requiring a logon prompt?

Peter T.