visual studio

marvin hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi. I can tell you about it. I am using it with jaws 18.04350, and also jaws 2018 beta. Well. You have to set up the jaws config.ini to set it to visual studio 2010, for it work to with visual studio. I am a blind it student, have done certificate iv from and current doing a diploma of software development. Works great with jaws, and you can check for updates, under extensions and updates, under the tools menu. Customize the document not to be but to be docked.  More info and there’s a blind list at program-l@... and also blindgeeks@.... The only thing which dosent work with jaws is the entity designer, very visual, and blend, I think works, but have not worked enough with it. Able to set up the code windows not to speak numbers, you can set it up for low vision users, different colours, and there’s no real scripts, there’s was scripts for vs 2003, 2005, 2008, but that project was abandoned, Jamel mazre was the lead developer. Well unless I have set it up wrong, jaws not saying the default project, and also with visual studio 2017, community version, professional or enterprise, the installer is more accessible then 2015. It works like a web installer, have installed and updated it several times. Yes, c #, visual basic, web services, asp dot net, html, and web projects, have not used c++, but I  it works, projects for blank projects, sql server, xamerim, ios, and android templates as well, but have not tried them. It does work with jaws. It may work better with nvda, but do have it on my Toshiba satellite pro, but only use it now and again. Jaws is my main screen reader. Apart from blend and the entity designer,  else works, even the sql server project, and templates, and you can go to the server explorer and set up databases there.i hope that helps. If your student needs more info you can e-mail me off line via startrekcafe@....


Ps: about to do the major project a shopping cart, and maybe use the visual studio code editor, or dreamweaver, notepad, edge sharp, which is a javascript editor.

Happy coding.

Marvin from Australia.