Non conforming table won't read field contents


I am working with our time keeping program. It is totally non-conforming. This is one that I have had to get third party scripts written for.
Here is my current issue and I don't know if it also needs scripting or if I just don't know how to make JAWS read.
I use Control tab to jump from a table into another table. The first two cells read when I tab to them but the next three do not read at all when I land in them
The first one has the job name and number. The second has the code for the work done. The third is a graphical holding place that shows different indicators, which I don't expect to read. The Fourth and fifth have the start and end times.
These are my problem. I need to know what time is the in and out. The arrow keys letter by letter will read the info but the info is not said when I land on it. Letter by letter is very inefficient.
The read cell doesn't work since this is not a recognized table. The insert Tab to read field and contents only tells me that it is an edit box. The up arrow actually will move me up and down in the table, not leaving me where I need to be.
Is there a setting that will tell Jaws to move the cursor to the next field and read the contents automatically?
Is there another set of keys that will read the current field?