Managing paperwork with Openbook

Alan Robbins

I used to have the pearl camera with my copy of open book 9.
Although I found it to be snappy and great in a lot of ways,
critical scanning left a lot to be desired. For me, scanning
bills and important docs that needed to be accurate lacked
the level of accuracy I needed. For just scanning mail etc.,
a book, etc. to just get a quick sense of what it was worked
good. I finally sold mine and went back to a standard


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I love using open book with my pearl camera. I do use it
some for reading mail, as well as my KNFBREADER reader app.
I hadn't thought about it, but you could save the images of
the bills on your computer. The only reason you may want to
still consider keeping some bills or other paperwork, is for
tax purposes. But you should be able to save most things on
your computer.

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Good Morning,
The easy version of this question is can Openbook and the
Pearl camera be used to make electronic copies of documents
for record keeping?

Is anyone else here using Openbook to manage your mail and
paperwork? I just started using Openbook again after many
years and am trying to get re-familiar with it.

I just used it for a bill that came in the mail and it
occured to me that rather than saving this piece of paper, I
should be able to save an image of it and then put both
files in a folder in Openbook or on my hard drive. Any tips
or suggestions for this will be appreciated.

Jennifer J