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Hello all knowing ones
Does anyone have a JAWS tutorial or nice set commands for excel tasks? Thx in advance for your skill and wisdom!!

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What brand of laptop please.  And thanks.
James B
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As for the stuttering with Jaws, make sure your soundcard doesn’t have sound enhancements or whatever it is called enabled. This used to make Jaws sound horrible on my laptop


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Hello list,

So over the weekend, I swapped out my old hard drive with an SSD. I’m up and running and am coming across high CPU usage and can’t figure out why. It’s a clean install of Windows 7, 8 GB of ram and iCore 3 2.2 GHZ processor. The PC and Jaws feels sluggish at times too. The machine boots fast as would be expected, but launching of programs still takes a bit. At least more than what one would anticipate with an SSD. Standard programs like Office 2016, Malwarebytes/Essentials and Jaws 18. No files as of yet. The drive is more or less empty.

Jaws is stuttering too. The stuttering thing I had way back when and was able to fix it at that time, but for the life of me, can’t recall how I got rid of it.

Anyway, I’m going to check later for any firmware updates for the SSD (Crucial) in case that may help, but generally, I was curious if there was anything else I may have overlooked or can adjust to bring down the CPU usage. I’m talking anywhere from a consistent 78 to 98%.

Any input would be appreciated.

Kane Brolin

Hi,Palmer. Sorry it has taken longer than I wanted to get back to you on this.

A few years ago, I too was frustrated as an Excel user relying on a
screen reader; because all too often, Websites or individuals would
describe how to get things done in Excel solely through
visually-oriented suggestions about clicking and dragging or
activating this or that using the ribbon. But Microsoft always has
built a lot of keyboard shortcuts into its Office suite--it's just
that most people don't think to use them.

Visit https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Excel-keyboard-shortcuts-and-function-keys-for-Windows-1798d9d5-842a-42b8-9c99-9b7213f0040f?CorrelationId=e8b3c1a3-7e7d-45c8-980f-dc9b2ee97bae&ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US&ocmsassetID=HP010342494
for a comprehensive set of these shortcut keys particular to Excel.

If you want to do something specific that seems difficult or that is
not listed here, contact me offline at kbrolin65@gmail.com and I will
attempt to help you figure it out. I dpo not use Excel for
super-complex graphing or formula creation, but I have learned on the
fly how to interact with Office help instructions, how to work with
multiple sheets at a time and switch between worksheets, and how to
manipulate a worksheet to give me what I need at any given time.

Kind regards,


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There are the typical jaws help libraries you can get by typing jaws +
h, jaws + w, jaws + f1 twice quickly.

Also, here's a list of useful excel shortcuts: