Moderated Using Skype

Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...>

Hello List-members,


I have scheduled a training session (via Skype) with a BrailleNote user for tomorrow to provide some training in using the Apex which I recently purchased, primarily as a Notetaker. I am reaching out to the list to request some assistance with using Skype, a program that I haven’t used in a number of years.

I have set up a Skype account and downloaded the Windows 10 desktop version of Skype and reviewed the JAWS/Skype keyboard commands.   

What I would appreciate is the opportunity to review some of these commands and get some direction in adding a contact and setting up a Skype session to participate in this Apex training, again scheduled for tomorrow.

If anyone, who is familiar with Skype has some time today to provide some direction, I would appreciate it. Please contact me offlist: jhmcdev@....


Best, Justin .