accessibility Of Medisoft billing software with Jaws 17.0, JAWS 18.0, JAWS 2018, JAWS 2019, and, JAWS 2020

Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser I.

Good, Evening, List, this is Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser. Is the latest version Of The Medisoft billing software accessible with JAWS 17.0, JAWS 18.0, JAWS 2018, and JAWS 2019 and, Will JAWS 2020 be accessible with the latest version of The MEDISOFT Billing Software? I am going to be studying to become a medical billing and coding specialist at my local communitty college, and, I was just wondering if this software is accessible. Please E-Mail me off list at MISTER.ALEXANDER.SCOTT.KAISER.I.  Please let me know.

Thank You,

Mr. Alexander Scott Kaiser