Chrome Menues Navigation Settings & Jaws 17

Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi All,

Running Widows 7 Pro, Chrome, & Jaws 15 thru 17 latest.  When in Chrome if
you press the, Alt key, it opens a vertical view of the menues.  Well, in
J17 when I would arrow down to the, Settings Option & press enter to open, &
here is where my problems would begin in J17.  In J15 & 16 after pressing
enter on the Settings Option I can tab through all the various options but,
with J17 I had to turn the virtual cursor off, Insert + Z, before I could
navigate through this menu.  After some playing around in Jaws 17's Quick
Settings, Insert + V, I found that having these 2 settings set the way
they're shown below allowed me to navigate the Settings Menu with J17 using
the tab key just like with J15 & J16, without having to turn the virtual
cursor off.  This might not work for everyone but, it worked for me & it's
something y'all can try if you experience the same thing I encountered.
Here are the 2 settings as they should be:

Heading and Frame Options

Frame show start & end, should be checked.

In line frames show, should  be on.

Hope this helps others than myself.
Take care.