Google Chrome and inadvertently muting a tab. Can someone please explain this?

Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.



I recently had problems getting YouTube to sound while playing. I received great advice from many here, but it didn’t help. I was stumped, and still am, but have some more information on what may have been going on, but I still don’t understand exactly what happened or how I could fix it.


I finally had some sighted assistance. This person looked at Chrome and told me there was a bar at the top of the Chrome page indicating 3 open tabs, and one of those tabs, the one YouTube was on, had a mute indicator over it. My helper clicked on that tab, and from what sounded to me like an Application list one gets by hitting Shift F10, found an unmute button. This person had no idea how I could do this with speech.


Does anyone here have an idea what is going on, and how I can troubleshoot this in the future?


Any and all advice much appreciated.


YouTube has played well since. It wasn’t a YouTube problem, but somehow a Google setting for muting a tab was activated.