Links for latest JAWS Release


Karim Sidi has tagged an unrelated request for this information on to several earlier threads, which is more than a bit annoying.

Links for any of the latest versions of any Freedom Scientific product can be found in the Downloads section of the Freedom Scientific website.  For JAWS specifically that is the JAWS Download page.

This will not do you much good unless your current license allows you to upgrade to a given release of JAWS.  I have some clients on JAWS 15 and that's where their upgrade limit on their original license ended.  Others have upgrade privileges through JAWS 18, which doesn't even exist yet.

You can, of course, download the later versions in demo form, but that doesn't help you at all when the demo period runs out, unless you're certain you can uninstall the demo and reinstall the version that you are legally licensed to use.