[EXTERNAL] Re: How do I make a webpage the default in Chrome?

Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.

Thanks, Brian. Yes, I could use help with the Settings process, too. Keith


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          I am presuming you already know how to get to the Chrome menu button and to select Settings from said menu.  [If not, just say so.]

          Once Settings open search on "On Startup" which is a section with three radio buttons (and you'll be selecting number three):

  1. Open the New Tab page.
  2. Continue where you left off (which opens all of the windows and tabs in each window you had up when you exited Chrome the last time you did so).
  3. Open a specific page or set of pages.

Once you select that radio button several things appear depending on what you've done in the past:

  1. A list of page(s) that you previously set.
  2. Add a new page link
  3. Use current pages link

Obviously, if you choose the "Add a new page" link you get a pop-up dialog asking you to enter the URL for same.  You can enter more than one page by activating this link repeatedly if you want multiple tabs to open when Chrome starts, each with one of the specified webpages.

Any additional questions please ask.


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