Question About JAWS 2019 Reading Column and Row Titles for Tables in Microsoft Word 365


HI All,

I am required to fill in information in a Microsoft Word document for
school. In order to do so, I am required to enter the information into a
table. However, JAWS 2019 is not reading the Column and row titles as I
navigate within the table. The only time JAWS reads the Column titles is if
I am at the top of each Column where the column titles are actually located.
The same JAWS behavior holds true for the row titles. Is there any setting
that I can change that will allow JAWS to read the Column and row titles in
a Word document when I am navigating within the table?

I am currently using the latest version of JAWS 2019 with the latest version
of Office 365 on a Windows 10 computer. I have checked my Word quick
settings by hitting insert plus V. According to my table settings for Word,
cell coordinates announcements, table detection, and description are all
checked. I know that in Excel, there are settings where you can set JAWS to
automatically read Column and row titles. Is there a similar setting for
Microsoft Word that will allow JAWS to read Column and row titles for

AS a side note, when I had to complete this same document back in August of
2018 when I was using JAWS 2018 and the latest version of Microsoft Office
365 at that time, I did not have this problem of JAWS not reading the Column
and row titles within the table.

Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.




           Take a look at:

           If doing this with the header rows allows JAWS to announce things "more gracefully," you might also want to make whoever it is that's creating the original document(s) with tables in them aware of this material.  I recently had to figure out how one does this in Excel so that JAWS can easily announce what column you're dealing with for the row that you're in.

           I don't have JAWS installed on this machine to test with.

           There's also a raft of great information returned by this web search: 

            My gut tells me this is going to be solved by setting up the MS-Word document such that JAWS can handle tables gracefully moreso than actually tweaking JAWS settings, though there may be some of that.

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