Related to the email address announcement bug in Jaws 2019


Hello list,

SO I know others along with myself have posted about this bug with Jaws 2019 and the autocomplete announcement for email addresses in Outlook 2016.

Anyway, I wrote to Vispero and they got back to me with similar instructions provided by another member (I think it was Adrian Sprat) along with a config file attached that I could paste into the setting enu folder.

This file pasting fix worked for the autocomplete issue, but what I’ve found is that now, Jaws doesn’t speak the subject field content in the Outlook appointments as I cycle through them.

I work with roughly 200 appointments a month, so not having this info read to me without opening the appointment first really is a no go.

To be sure that it was the file that I pasted that caused this problem, I removed it and restarted Jaws. Sure enough, the subject field content was being read by Jaws as before, but of course, that meant that the autocomplete email address bug was back too.

Has anyone else who’s used this Jaws fix encountered a similar issue? If so, did they find any sort of workaround that addresses the autocomplete bug and still gets the subject field info for the calendar appointments to be spoken by Jaws?

I’ve already written Vispero about this, but thought I’d check with the list in case anyone else may have come upon a fix for both issues.