Annoying new announcement in Firefox


Hello list,

I’d been meaning to write about this for a bit, but got busy with other things and have been playing with Chrome, but with the recent versions of Firefox, I’ve been getting this notification with nearly every new page I load and can’t figure out how to click it away or stop it from popping up. See:

New in Firefox: Content Blocking
The privacy benefits of Tracking Protection are now just one part of content blocking. When you see the shield, content blocking is on.
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1 of 3
I’m perfectly happy with the actual function of Firefox doing more to bloc trackers and so on, but I don’t’ need to have this spoken to me every time ai go to another page. Also, it says 1 of 3. I can’t seem to access any of this with the Jaws cursor or playing around with the F6 key and tabbing, etc.

Anyone know how to stop this announcement/notification?




          I've encountered this many times now, but not when running a screen reader.  If this is still happening for you I'd be glad to take a look via Quick Assist or Teamviewer as I'd be curious to see if there is a way to navigate the sequence via any screen reader.


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