Last week to register for the Accessing Higher Ground 2018 Virtual Conference #jaws #fusion

Howard Kramer

Accessing Higher Ground:  Accessible Media, Web & Technology Conference

November 12 - 16, 2018

Dear Colleagues:


As in past years, AHG will be streaming 1 live track of sessions during the pre-conference (November 12-13) and 2 tracks of sessions during the main conference (Nov. 14-16).


Virtual Program Highlights

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Lab: AccessibleAdobe InDesign Layouts to Produce Accessible PDFs and EPUBs, Bevi Chagnon, President and Founding Partner, PubCom—Publishing Communications

Lab: Understanding and Evaluating WCAG 2 Color and Contrast, Jonathan Whiting, Director of Training & Evaluation, WebAIM   

Captioned Media: Developing a Systematic Approach that Meets theNeeds of Your Institution, Stephanie Zito, National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC), et al

Teaching about Accessibility in Computing and IT Courses , Sheryl Burgstahler, UW, Richard Ladner, UW, et al    

Main Conference

Understanding WCAG 2.1, Becky Gibson, Knowbility

Pretty Accessible: Bringing Beauty,Simplicity, and Usability to Accessible Products, Rachel Comerford, Macmillan Learning et al

What’s new in Acrobat, Rob Haverty, Accessibility, Adobe (double-session)

Accessibility: Past, Present, and Future, Gerard Cohen, Wells Fargo

“We don’t have enough staff assigned to making IT accessible!” Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington

Lab: Evaluating and Repairing Word and PowerPoint Files, Jonathan Whiting, WebAIM (double-session)

Social media and accessibility, Gian Wild, AccessibilityOz

Not So Fast: Implementing Accessibility Reviews in a University’s IT Software Review Process, Crystal Tenan, NC State University, et al

And over a dozen more!


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More Info 

If you have any questions contact Howard Kramer at 303-492-8672 or at the email below. 

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