Last Pass Accessibility with JAWS

paul lemm


The only thing I can think is maybe it’s a firefox thing, I've never tried it with fire fox only chrome and not had any issues with it.


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i don't know what is going on for me. i don't get any option to save my passwords to the lastpass vault.
i have to enter them in manually. and i have to log last pass in every time i load firefox.
it does not remember my last pass user name or password even when i check both options to remember them.
i did try the option to keep lastpass logged in, say for 6 hours. but i will still have to log in again when i close firefox.

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I use last pass personal and it works fine for me. I’m using chrome, I haven’t
tried it with firefox, but in chrome if you ask it to remember your last pass
log in it will so you don’t need to keep logging in all the time. Also whenever
I go to a site which isn’t already saved in last pass it will always ask me
automatically if I want last pass to remember the details for next time, then
stores them in my last pass vault. I think every so often (maybe once a week)
I might be asked to enter my last pass password, but I guess that’s just a
security feature to check its still you using the computer. Also in chrome you
can just right click and last pass appears in that menu with various last pass


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Subject: Lastt Pass Accessibility with JAWS

Good Morning Folks,

Happy Friday!!! Does anyone use Last Pass and if so how accessible is it with
JAWS. My company uses it to send credentials for testing purposes on various