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The Jaws download link below works for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
32 & 64 Bit:
What's New article:
The following is a list of improvements made between the first Public Beta and Public Beta 2. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Speak Character Phonetically After Pause During Character Navigation
As you navigate by character, JAWS will now speak the phonetic representation of letters if you pause for a brief period of time. This enables you to immediately
hear a letter spoken phonetically without the need to perform an additional command.
By default, JAWS speaks the character phonetically after a one and a half second pause. To change the amount of time JAWS waits before the phonetic announcement,
or to completely turn off this feature, do the following:
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1. Press INSERT+6 on the number row to open Settings Center.
2. If you want changes to only apply to a particular application, select it from the Application list. Otherwise, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the default
settings file.
3. Type "Phonetic."
4. Press DOWN ARROW to move to "When pausing after character navigation, speak character phonetically," then press SPACEBAR to cycle through the available
5. Select OK to exit Settings Center.
list end
JAWS also offers a manual option to speak phonetics continuously as you navigate by character. Pressing the Say Character Keystroke (NUM PAD 5) twice quickly
toggles this feature on and off. If you are using the manual option for all letters, the pause announcement will not occur.
Prompt to Confirm when Exiting JAWS Now Optional
When you perform one of the commands to exit JAWS including INSERT+F4, a prompt displays asking if you are sure you want to quit JAWS. You can then press
ENTER to quit or ESC to cancel. JAWS 2019 now allows you to disable this prompt so that JAWS immediately exits. To disable the shutdown prompt, open the
Basics dialog box located in the JAWS Options menu, and clear the "Prompt to Confirm when Exiting JAWS" check box.
Notification of Spelling Errors in Word 365
JAWS was the first screen reader to introduce Spelling error detection in Microsoft Word around 1998. This feature indicated when the cursor moved into
or out of a spelling or grammatical error while navigating and was also able to count the errors on the current line. These errors could also be marked
in Braille with dots 7 and 8. However, the ability to count the errors and mark them in braille adversely affected the responsiveness of navigating the
document and was turned off by default.
The improvements to this feature in JAWS 2019 now offer the following above and beyond the prior functionality:
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• Play a buzzer sound during typing, when you press SPACEBAR after entering a misspelled word.
• Reliably underline errors in braille or count the errors on the line navigated to without any decrease in responsiveness.
• Detect advanced proofing issues, not just spelling and grammar errors.
• Read the error inline with the text as you navigate by line, similar to how JAWS indicates other text attributes such as bolded text, indicating the
error with speech, sound or voice change (using the Speech and Sounds Manager).
list end
To configure whether or not the buzzer sound is heard when SPACEBAR is pressed after mistyping a word, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) from Word or Outlook
and select or clear the "Spelling buzzer on mistyped words" check box. This option is available when using JAWS with Office 365 versions higher than 16.0.10000.

The other Spelling options in the Microsoft Word Quick Settings, "Spelling error detection" and "Grammatical error detection," currently remain the same.
They allow you to cycle Spelling and Grammar options between off, hearing spelling/Grammar errors as you navigate by character, word, line, or Say All,
or hearing spelling/Grammar errors plus count.
New Consolidated Setup Package
Starting with JAWS 2019 Public Beta 2, there is now one link to download and install JAWS for all supported operating systems and languages. You no longer
have to choose the correct setup executable based on your system as well as which language you need. When you begin the setup, the installer automatically
detects whether you are using 32 or 64-bit and installs the correct components. If you are doing a new install and you want to use a different language
other than the default for your operating system, select the Options button on the first installation screen and then choose a language. If you are updating
an existing installation, the Options button is not available as JAWS detects the language already installed and updates using the same language.
Other Changes
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• Resolved an issue with the Skim Reading Feature in Office 365/2016 and higher. When attempting to skim read text containing specific colors or attributes,
pressing ENTER on any of the links in the Skim Reading results was incorrectly moving you to the first entry each time.
• Addressed reported issues with the volume of system sounds being lowered unexpectedly in some situations when using external synthesizers.
• In response to customer feedback, the announcement of multi-line edit fields is now off by default. To enable this announcement, select the new "Announce
multi-line edit" option located in the Miscellaneous group in Settings Center.
• If the "Use Accessibility Driver for Screen Capture" option in Settings Center is cleared, resolved multiple issues where JAWS was not reading as expected
in some situations.
• When starting a Remote Desktop connection and JAWS is configured to launch automatically on the remote system, resolved an issue where an error message
about the accessibility driver was sometimes being displayed.
• When opening a page in Chrome, resolved an intermittent issue reported by some users where a page would appear blank until F5 was pressed to refresh.
• Resolved an issue where the edit field for setting a home page in the settings for Chrome could not be navigated to using JAWS.
• Addressed an issue in Google Chrome where JAWS was not announcing the currently selected item in combo boxes.
• If multiple check boxes are on a single line in Google Chrome, resolved an issue where JAWS was only speaking the first check box.
• Resolved an issue where the window title was sometimes not being updated in Chrome as expected. For example, when returning to the Inbox in Gmail from
an open message.
• JAWS no longer speaks extraneous information when typing in edit combo boxes in Firefox and Chrome.
• Added support for navigating tree views in Edge.
• Resolved an issue with the JAWS command to announce the application version (CTRL+INSERT+V) not always working as expected in Microsoft Office apps.
• When switching to Outlook 365 from another application, addressed issues where focus changes were not being announced properly.
• Addressed issues with comments, footnotes, and endnotes not being announced as expected when navigating documents in Office 365. Also, resolved an issue
where page, section, and column breaks in Word documents were being announced twice if JAWS was configured to speak the number of comments on a line.
• In Excel, addressed a customer reported issue with auto complete not working as expected when typing data into a cell.
• Resolved an issue where the Select All command in the Spanish version of Word was not working.
list end
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