JAWS Scripts for Webex

Jason White

I’m not aware of any – but try contacting accessibility@... – they may have a solution to your problem. I would suggest describing more precisely what the problem is (rather than “scripts are needed”, state what the user’s actual difficulty is with the WebEx client).


I use WebEx here for audio calls, without any need for scripts, but not the text chat interface.


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Sent this before and apparently it never hit the list.  I also tried joining the JAWS scripts list on yahoo groups but not hearing anything back I wonder if that list is no longer active?


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Hi everyone,


Working with a medical transcription company using Editscript 11 and the Webex client for chatting with team members.  Are there any scripts to make the Webex interface more accessible?  I am finding I am less concerned with Editscript, as I can make due with workarounds for this.  But the Webex client however, I need to try and find something to make it more workable.  I called Freedom Scientific today and tech support's recommendation was to try the user groups for JFW.  I'll try them again in a day or two if I get nothing from the JAWS list or the script list which I'm seriously questioning its activity or inactivity.




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Thank you Jason!  I sent them an email and hopefully will get a response.  My next step will also be now contacting the creators of Escription or Editscript as it is also known, as I found an issue within this software too which is a major one for transcriptionists who have a visual impairment and use screenreading software.  I'm looking for information to contact them presently.