PAC Mate Omni BX440: How Can I Make Whiz Wheels Track More Consistently?

Kane Brolin

Greetings, fellow listers. I know that more current issues around
Windows 10 and JAWS 17 are dominating content these days, but I am
soliciting some help about a blast from our past: the PAC Mate. The
PM List, as most probably know, is no longer in existence.

I am a JAWS user as far as my computer is concerned, but I also am the
proud owner of a PAC Mate Omni BX440, which I still use almost
exclusively for the reading and editing of Braille. I love the
self-contained nature of the PAC Mate from a late-night Braille
reading point of view, along with the length of the 40-cell Braille
display and the smooth navigation I mostly experience through the use
of my unit's Whiz Wheels.

But my own PM is about to enter the shop for repairs. I was fortunate
enough to receive a loaner, which is almost as good--except that the
Whiz Wheels do not work consistently in the way I would like them to,
even following a hard reset that I thought would fix the problem. I
also have attempted to change up the way the Active, Braille, and PC
Cursors work with respect to one another; but this does not solve my
problem, either.

As I try to scroll up and down through a BRF document using the Whiz Wheels,
sometimes I find the Whiz Wheels don't track whatsoever. Other times,
when I think I have set the wheel to track line by line, I find myself
whizzing down or up by several lines at a time or tracking
through three or four lines in sequence but then tracking those same lines
over and over when I'm trying to advance further.

Am I experiencing a hardware malfunction that lies outside my control? Or
can I do something to make sensitivity of Whiz Wheels better on this
particular unit? I don't have this problem whatsoever when I use Up
Arrow and Down Arrow to track through my document, so I know it has
nothing to do with how my documents are formatted.

Many thanks for your guidance.