How to register a complaint about no Merge Utility in JAWS 17

Tim Ford

I changed the subject line only. Please try to avoid using a subject line that refers only to "RE: Jfw Digest, Vol 54, Issue 16"!

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Subject: RE: Jfw Digest, Vol 54, Issue 16

Anyone wishing to complain about "no Merge Utility in JAWS 17" should send
their concerns to:

This was the advice, from JAWS Technical Support, that I got in response to
my sending my concerns to them. So, I took the technical support person at
his word, and sent my concerns accordingly. So far though, there has been
no reply from FS!

However, the more people who do share their concerns in this way, the more
likely that FS will do something - constructive! So, come on people, strike
a blow for those who need/want to keep access to their JAWS settings on
their PCs!

Thank you.

Jim H