How to Rename an iOS Device in iTunes 12.3 for Windows Using Jaws for Windows 16.x or Later

Mark <facebookmark@...>

Hello Everyone,

After a recent thread, on the V iPhone's mailing list, in which I posted
that a person using a screen magnifier can rename an iOS device in iTunes
12.3 for Windows, I decided to determine how such a task may be performed
using a screen reader, in this case, Jaws for Windows version 16.

Before I begin, let me say that I successfully renamed several iOS devices
on three different PCs, including a Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
computer all running iTunes 12.3 for Windows via Jaws 16. No screen
magnifier was installed on any of these computers.

Simply stated, to rename an iOS device from within iTunes for Windows 12.3
via Jaws for Windows 16, do the following:

You cannot rename an iOS device from within iTunes during a synchronization

With iTunes open and your iOS device attached, select the iOS device using
your preferred method. All things being equal, you will be placed in the
Device Summary view.

Turn on the Jaws Touch Cursor.

It is not necessary to have a touch-screen enabled computer in order to use
the Jaws Touch Cursor.

Using the arrow keys or a jump command, make sure you move focus to the
upper left corner of the display. If you are at the upper left corner of
the display, pressing the left arrow-key on your keyboard will cause a bump
sound indicating that you are at the upper left corner of the display.

Tap the right arrow-key once, and Jaws will say, "iTunes."

Tap the right arrow-key again and focus will land on the name of your
attached device. Jaws will say something like, "Mark's iPhone."

Now, perform a Jaws left-mouse-click by using key combo Jaws-Key+8. An
audio feedback sound will be heard indicating that you have activated the
device name edit field. You may now use your arrow and alpha/numeric keys
to hear/edit the text in this field. When you're finished editing, simply
press the Enter Key, on your keyboard.

Should you wish, you may now switch back to the Jaws PC cursor.

That's all there is to it.

Happy Renaming.